This website is devoted to exploring the impacts and influences of Multicultural Literature throughout history. From ancient times to current popular culture – various cultures and writing styles have echoed the various struggles of mankind.
This site is dedicated to helping students and teachers of multicultural literature to develop simple and practical lesson plans for 9-12th grade.

A Bit About Me

My wife Kristen and I live in Gilbert, a suburb of Phoenix Arizona, and we have five amazing kiddos. I own a  consulting business focused on helping companies pass occupational safety and health pre-qualification audits. I am obsessed with writing, and with adventure, and with succeeding, and with writing about the adventure of succeeding.
I love books and I love reading; everything from John Grisham’s latest legal thriller to mid-century German literature. There’s nothing like sitting down with a cup of coffee and a real book – one with actual paper pages, because I feel like we miss out on the richness of the literary experience.

Multi-Cultural Literature?

I believe we can find a global context for just about any piece of literature. Whether its written in North Carolina or Zimbabwe. Every person eats, sleeps, cries, feels emotions and processes these experiences into a set of beliefs. Literature is merely an outpouring of these various components of life.
Multicultural Literature speaks to the everyman. From the Native North Americans in the deserts of Arizona, to the stench of Nazi death camps – the works of literature created by various cultures tell of our humanity, as well as our lack of humanity.

What to Expect Here

I write about strategies for overcoming life’s “obstructions to success” with a focus on practicing habit changes for achieving successful results.

My goal is to combine personal life experience with a bit of research to help others find a clear path forward from places of struggle.

Helpful Links

I strongly suggest you refer to the following link as you develop lesson plans, as you review the lesson plan suggestions on this site, and as you traverse the world of multicultural literature in high-school education. http://www.corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/RL/9-10/1/

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