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Week 3 – Modernism & Independence from Government Oppression

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Welcome back and Welcome to Week 3! I hope everyone had an amazing week writing and teaching about last week’s lesson. Before I jump into this week’s content, and because there is a good chance I’ll forget if I don’t mention it up-front: I’d like to invite you all to leave comments at the bottom

Week 2 – Ancient China – Goodness & Virtue

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See, week one wasn’t as hard as you thought huh? Teaching can be a challenge, especially when you’ve got a room full of students who learn in various ways. This week we will focus on the following pieces of ancient Chinese literature: Early Chinese Literature and Thought Classics of Poetry Confucius Du Fu Yuan Zhen,

Week 1 – Powerlessness & Choice

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This week's readings: The readings from this particular week: The Metamorphosis by Kafka The Guest by Camus Requiem by Akhmatova Faust by Goethe. You may be asking yourself, how can I possibly choose a single theme to as the focus of my lesson? After all, theme identification and selection is merely the beginning of your