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Week 8 – Ambition Corrupts

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Readings “The Perforated Sheet,” by Salman Rushdie “Girl,” by Jamaica Kincaid “Wedding at the Cross,” by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o The Read Book One of “Omeros,” by Derek Walcott Themes Humanity Image Insecurity Ambition Corrupts   Break classroom into four groups. Each group must choose one of the four reading selections. They must, as a group,

Week 7 – Depravity

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Readings “The Perforated Sheet,” by Salman Rushdie “Girl,” by Jamaica Kincaid, in Volume 2. “Wedding at the Cross,” by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o Book One of “Omeros,” by Derek Walcott Lesson Plan Imagine yourself being placed in a position where the lines of your entire moral and spiritual beliefs must be moved, on a daily basis.

Week 6 – Magical Realism

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Theme The power of choice. The effects of choice. The limits of choice.   Readings “I Speak of the City” and “Central Park,” by Octavio Paz “The Garden of Forking Paths,” by Jorge Luis Borges “Walking Around,” by Pablo Neruda “Death Constant Beyond Love,” by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez "And of Clay Are We Created,” by Isabel

Week 5 – British Colonization Invades African Villages

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Themes Powerlessness Cultural Appropriation   Readings “I Speak of the City” and “Central Park,” by Octavio Paz “Notes of a Native Son,” by James Baldwin “Chike’s School Days,” by Chinua Achebe “The Deep River,” by Bessie Head “To New York,” “Night in Sine,” “Prayer to the Masks,” and “Letter to a Poet,” by Leopold Sedar

Week 4 – Native American Nightway Ceremonies

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Themes Healing Personal Improvement & Development Spiritual Connectedness Divine Intervention Prayer Readings “The Conquest of Mexico” from Book 12, Florentine Codex, in Volume 1. "The Night Chant (Orature Section)" from Navajo Ceremony, in Volume 2. “Yellow Woman” by Leslie Marmon Silko, in Volume 2. Overview & Lesson Plan This week, we veer way off the

Week 3 – Modernism & Independence from Government Oppression

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Welcome back and Welcome to Week 3! I hope everyone had an amazing week writing and teaching about last week’s lesson. Before I jump into this week’s content, and because there is a good chance I’ll forget if I don’t mention it up-front: I’d like to invite you all to leave comments at the bottom

Week 2 – Ancient China – Goodness & Virtue

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See, week one wasn’t as hard as you thought huh? Teaching can be a challenge, especially when you’ve got a room full of students who learn in various ways. This week we will focus on the following pieces of ancient Chinese literature: Early Chinese Literature and Thought Classics of Poetry Confucius Du Fu Yuan Zhen,

Week 1 – Powerlessness & Choice

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This week's readings: The readings from this particular week: The Metamorphosis by Kafka The Guest by Camus Requiem by Akhmatova Faust by Goethe. You may be asking yourself, how can I possibly choose a single theme to as the focus of my lesson? After all, theme identification and selection is merely the beginning of your

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